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How to increase efficiency of branches, sales and customer satisfaction. Get your branch network performance under control.

Do we have right human capacity in branch network?

Basic question for management which is very often on the table but it is not easy to get correct answer on that.  Many people are looking primary on sales performance but it is not telling us where we are. Do we have still capacity for next business growth or we are overheating branch staff and customers are staying in the queue? Can we reduce the costs or we will cut the business as well with the people? So simple and relevant questions for everybody who leading business and branch network. Without right measurement, tools and data is not possible to get correct answer. In reality companies as a banks, retail stores and other has lots of data from CRM, Quematics, traffic counters…, but they are not able to work with that correctly. To know how is human capacity distributed a cross whole network is necessary to calculate customer flow in each branch and in each day (workload), solution/sales time and people staffing. Only after the interconnection of all data sources is possible  to calculate big picture and see whole network and human capacity distribution with places for potential growth and potential reduction. Based on our experiences by this scheme is possible easily reduce personal costs up to 10% and increase performance minimally about 10% – 15% in first year.

Flexible shifts will play key role in economy with low unemployment.

In countries with growing economy and low unemployment is increasing pressure on employers and their work with employees. Low flexibility of companies playing against of them, limiting their business growth and generate negative customer experience. Business peaks during the day should be higher or whole customers flow growing up. All this things has to be reflected in shift plans. Many people prefer flexible working time, working on short shifts or part time. Increasing usage of this kind of people can help eliminate negative impact of low unemployment and support business growth. So many companies has internal barriers in that which comes historically from their internal processes and low experiences with flexible shifts planning. Companies which will take it as advantage will be the winners of growth against other companies on the market.

Do you have still capacity for business growth at branches or you are over the limit?

Managers want to push business forward but all things has limits. Questions is what will happen if we increase number of customers at stores. Will we be able to satisfied our customers or without next resources it will have negative impact on customer experience? Business has to be flexible in reactions on customers demand because it is key for optimizing costs and taking business growth  potential. If you are driving the car, you have to check speed, situation on the road and the other aspects. Int he business is same. For successful leading business is necessary to know where we are whats going on around and be flexible in reaction on that.

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